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Strategic Business Banking helps Landscape Company Recover from a Financial Crisis

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Founded in 1890, and built on a standout reputation for integrity and quality of services, Teufel is still a family-owned business five generations later. They are the largest landscape contractor in the Pacific Northwest, and among the Top 10 landscaping contractors in the country, providing landscape design, construction, and ongoing maintenance services at Fortune 1000 office campuses, outdoor shopping centers, healthcare facilities, and other commercial properties.

But it almost didn’t turn out that way.


Harnessing the Power of Biology and a Strategic Banking Relationship


When Christopher D. Jones founded Burst Biologics, he had a clear vision for how to differentiate the company in the quickly expanding but competitive field of regenerative medicine: Burst would control the entire biomedical production process from start to finish.

"We started Burst Biologics in 2010, and I wanted to create a company where academic medical researchers would be comfortable working in an entrepreneurial environment,” says Jones. "Our plan was to build a biomedical center for excellence, but with the end-to-end vertical integration of all business functions to support the release of new products."

That was no simple feat. It meant developing their own network of hospitals to procure the needed