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Meet your Northwest Bankers in Boise

Speak with a local banker who lives right in your home state and has experience in your industry. Work with a team that genuinely values your business contribution to the local economy and wants to help you grow.
Jeff Banks Headshot

Jeff Banks

President, Idaho Division

Commercial, Medical & Dental, Professional Services, Nonprofit, Entrepreneur/Small Business, Commercial Real Estate, Individuals
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Portrait photo of Rick Bach

Rick Bach

SVP, Commercial Relationship Manager
Capital Expenditures, Cash Management Solutions, Commercial Real Estate, Construction-Residential/Commercial, Mergers & Acquisitions
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Portrait photo of Tammy Chavez

Tammy Chavez

VP, SBA Relationship Manager

Commercial, Entrepreneur/Small Business, Dental/Medical, Commercial Real Estate
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Portrait photo of Thomas Hicks

Thomas Hicks

SVP, Commercial Relationship Manager

Capital Expenditures, Mergers & Acquisitions, Property Management, Specialized Deposit Escrow Accounts, Syndicated and Participation Loans
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Erik Pray Headshot

Erik Pray

SVP, Commercial Relationship Manager

Investment Real Estate, Acquisition and Development, Residential Construction and Commercial Real Estate Construction
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Portrait of Kurt Vogelsburg

Kurt Vogelsberg

VP, Treasury Management Officer

Cash Management Solutions, Specialized Deposit Escrow Accounts, Professional Services, Property Management, 1031 Facilitators, Law Firms, Private Equity Firms
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