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Strength and Stability

Strength and Stability

Given the current events in the banking industry, we, at Northwest Bank wanted to communicate to our customers the bank’s financial condition.

  • First, from the bank’s inception in 2008, Northwest Bank has been very conservative on its management of interest rate risk in both our loan and securities portfolios.
  • We have consistently maintained high levels of capital at the bank, so that we can comfortably manage periods of market stress.
  • From June 2022, the bank undertook a strategy to significantly increase liquidity and, as such, liquidity today is more than two times higher than 9 months ago. Today, cash and short-term, low volatility US Treasury bills total more than $265 million, more than 25% of total assets.
  • Northwest Bank’s diverse customer base of profitable operating businesses and local individuals provide a stable foundation for both our deposit and loan customers.
  • The US Treasury and the Federal Reserve have ensured stability in the banking system through recent actions.
  • A number of customers have moved funds into Northwest Bank, demonstrating their confidence in the Bank’s strategy.
  • During the past year, as we have maintained a very strong focus on managing interest rate risk and maintaining increased liquid asset levels, our profitability remains at or near the top of our peer banks.

As always, we are available at any time to answer your questions through our professional staff at each of our offices or the three of us.

Thank you,
Jeff Gow, CEO cell: (425) 890-0757
Kyle Leyendecker, COO cell: (206) 532-3083
Allan Siegel, CFO cell: (404) 771-1981