Bank Customers Targeted By Scammers

Be alert for potential scam calls using a spoofed phone number that mimics a legitimate Northwest Bank phone number.

Northwest Bank will never ask for your PIN numbers, passwords, or one-time access codes. This information should always be kept private and never shared.

If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from Northwest Bank, but you suspect they are not a bank employee:

  • Do not provide or confirm any personally identifying information, such as date of birth or Social Security Number.
  • After listening to the caller’s message, hang up, even if the number “appears” to be from Northwest Bank or displays a Northwest Bank phone number in your phone’s caller ID.
If you believe the caller’s message is legitimate, end the call and call back using the publicly available number for your local Northwest Bank office.

If you determine the caller’s message is suspicious, please consider reporting the incident to the Federal Trade Commission.

Use their online reporting form and be sure to include the following information:

  • Who was the caller pretending to be?
  • Details about the scam, such as any names used and what was requested of you.

If you gave or confirmed personally identifying information or financial information:

  1. Contact your local Northwest Bank office immediately to report what occurred and to update passwords, change account numbers, or take other action as may be needed.

  2. If you lost money, file a police report.

  3. Place a credit freeze or fraud alert on your credit report for all three of the nationwide credit reporting agencies. Learn how to place a credit freeze or fraud alert on your credit file on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's website.