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Check Positive Pay Protects Your Business Against Fraud

Northwest Bank is committed to protecting your finances and confidential information by offering cost-effective and easy-to-use fraud prevention resources for your business.

Check Positive Pay is a fraud detection tool that provides early detection of fraudulent, altered, or counterfeit checks.

When a check is presented for payment against your account, our system compares the check against information provided by you. Information that does not match becomes an exception.

Chart graphically illustrating the steps for how Check Positive Pay protects a business against fraud

The Positive Pay service is designed to empower you to review exceptions and make a decision to pay or return in a timely manner.

Using Check Positive Pay can:

  • Reduce the risk of a fraudulent check being cashed against your accounts
  • Allow you to verify a check before it processes against your account
  • Make check reconciliation faster

Contact your Relationship Manager or local Northwest Bank office to learn more or enroll in Check Positive Pay.