Funds Management

Our experienced team can help you move your funds automatically in order to maximize your investment income and minimize interest expenses. Your money should work for you, simply and efficiently.
Zero balance accounts (ZBA) are designed to automatically link multiple business accounts, such as those used for payroll and other disbursement purposes. Operating accounts can be funded from, or concentrated to, a single account. With our ZBA structure, you will simplify your account reconciliation and have improved control over disbursements, collections and cash flow.

  • Manage your funds without ever having to make a transfer
  • Maintain account balances you set, and minimize interest expense
  • Enable consolidation of funds to the main account for maximum business opportunity
Loan sweeps move funds automatically from an operating account to pay down your line of credit. This automatically reduces interest expenses.

  • Perfect for large volume, high deposit customers
  • Consolidates deposits automatically into short term savings, and back again
  • Maximizes your interest opportunity, and funds payments as necessary