Customized Solutions for
Property Managers

Improve resident retention and grow your business

Rental property managers across the Northwest turn to us for the financial tools and expertise they need to succeed. From streamlined payment collection options, to easy-to-use and secure funds management tools, we understand your unique requirements. We support your success with financial tools that improve efficiency and resident convenience, while making it easier to service your owners and manage cash flow.

Over many years of working with property managers, our experienced bankers have developed a wide range of custom financial solutions suited specifically to property management challenges. We will work with you to develop the right financial solutions to keep your business financially strong and growing.


Streamlined payment collection

  • Convenient and secure tenant payment options
  • Collect rent and dues by phone, in person or online
  • Collect one-time and recurring payments


Security management

  • Customized account access controls
  • Dual control capabilities
  • Secure authentication


Simple and precise funds management

  • Initiate and track the transfer of funds online
  • Set up clients trust and security deposit accounts


Seamless transition

  • Initial consultation and deployment pre-planning
  • Easy account setup with pre-filled agreements
  • On-site services support and training for staff


Property management deposit services

  • Business deposit accounts
  • Business money markets
  • Business certificates of deposit
  • Analyzed checking accounts
  • Remote deposit capture
  • Online banking
  • Payment portal using tenant credit card


Payment services

  • ACH processing
  • Sweep accounts
  • Remote deposit capture
  • Automatic payments
  • Online eCheck payments
  • Debit card


Account management

  • Online statements
  • Online check images
  • Funds transfer
  • Wire transfers
  • Positive pay