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In times like these, your bank should be a strategic partner and advisor who can help you look forward, prepare and prevail. We opened our doors in the middle of the Great Recession, so being very good problem solvers has always been part of our culture, and our success.


When the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) launched Friday, April 3rd, it wasn’t the smoothest of launches for anyone involved. So many companies looked to this program as a lifeline, and many struggled to find a financial institution to help them. But we focused on getting our clients prepared, answering their questions any time of day, and committing to doing anything we could to help as many as we could.


As PPP program funds ran out less than two weeks later, we’re proud to have helped 500 companies in the communities we serve secure their loans. Our clients are important to us, and these funds were important to their employees and the families who depend on them.


To us, our clients are not just an account number. We know their names, and they know ours. They are real people doing the hard work of building a company and a future, and looking out for their team. In more normal times, the stakes might be different, and less urgent, but it’s always important to work hard and achieve the best possible outcome. We appreciate the opportunity to do so every day.


Our story is similar to other community banks across the country who play such a critical role in serving our communities, and help small companies grow or, in this case, get through a crisis.


This is why Northwest Bank is here. We’re here to serve you.


Learn more about the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).