Cash and Treasury Management

Accept, make and manage payments

Get paid. Pay others. Manage funds. Bankers call this Treasury Management, and it covers all aspects of accepting, making and managing payments.

We offer treasury management tools that make this basic business necessity easier, faster and more trackable.

No two business’s needs are the same, so our treasury management experts will advise you on which tools can help you best. You’ll get experienced perspective on how to optimize cash flow, payroll, collections and more.


Accepting and collecting payments

We can help you manage collections in a way that makes sense for your business, streamlining check and payment processing to speed your access to working capital and improve cash flow.  


Automated Clearing House (ACH) – Collections

Operate more efficiently with our Automated Clearing House (ACH) electronic collection options. Ideal for regular payments, such as recurring invoices.

    • Securely process large volumes of account credits in batches
    • Transmit payment electronically, instead of checks, credit and debit cards
    • Next day availability if posted by 6 p.m.
    • Credits settle in as little as one to two business days
    • Maintain control over timing of receipts
    • Simplify your accounts receivable management


Remote deposit capture

Remote Deposit Capture lets you scan and deposit checks directly and securely into your accounts without having to leave your office. This is not a phone app, but rather a stand-alone technology that is fully secure, and designed for volume scanning.

    • Saves time and adds convenience
    • Deposit checks electronically from your location 24/7
    • Same day credit if scanned by 5 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday
    • Scanner technology is simple to use and secure
    • Viewing and printing of check images for up to 45 days
    • Allows access for multiple users and scanning to multiple accounts


Merchant services

    • Authorization/capture on all major credit card types
    • Customized, easy-to-read statements
    • Single call, 24/7 help desk support
    • Secure web-based reporting
    • Gift card and loyalty products
    • Debit and EBT processing
    • E-commerce/Internet processing



Lockbox service reduces the time it takes to receive, process, and post payments into your account by allowing your customers to mail payments directly to a centralized address. Ideal for businesses with high volumes or dollar amounts of payments by mail.

    • Customers send payments to a centralized address for processing
    • Reduces required staff time and removes a core risk factor for fraud
    • Deposits are posted and more quickly available in your account


Making and disbursing payments

Organize and optimize disbursements with efficient and cost effective electronic payment solutions. Our experienced team of Treasury Management Professionals will consult with you and customize a combination of products, tools and services to manage your business.


Automated Clearing House (ACH) – Payables

With Northwest Bank’s ACH services, your business can operate more efficiently with electronic payment options. ACH origination allows you to initiate electronic disbursements such as direct deposit and vendor payments.

    • Maintain control over timing of payments
    • Simplify accounts payable management


Wire transfers

    • Initiate wire transfers online safely from the convenience of your office.
    • Enables faster transfer and availability of funds
    • Initiate wire transfers online safely from the convenience of your office.


Positive Pay

Fraud is an ever-present and growing business threat. Northwest Bank offers solutions that provide your business with a higher level of fraud protection.

    • Combats check fraud simply and efficiently
    • Sends alerts when presented check do not match your electronic issue file
    • Enables ability to make decisions on exception items


Bill Pay services

With Bill Pay you can pay any vendor from your business account, as well as scheduling payments for recurring expenses like rent or equipment leases. Save time and money, and reduce the number of paper checks by paying invoices and bills online any time. It’s fast, easy and secure.

    • Quick-Add feature lets you add billers by simply typing the company name and entering your account number
    • Set up reminders to receive messages when payments are due
    • Bill Payment lets you quickly and conveniently pay anyone online that you pay today by check


Funds management

Our experienced team can help you move your funds automatically in order to maximize your investment income and minimize interest expenses. Your money should work for you, simply and efficiently.


Zero Balance Accounts

Zero balance accounts (ZBA) are designed to automatically link multiple business accounts, such as those used for payroll and other disbursement purposes. Operating accounts can be funded from, or concentrated to, a single account. With our ZBA structure, you will simplify your account reconciliation and have improved control over disbursements, collections and cash flow.

    • Manage your funds without ever having to make a transfer
    • Maintain account balances you set, and minimize interest expense
    • Enable consolidation of funds to the main account for maximum business opportunity


Loan Sweeps

Loan sweeps move funds automatically from an operating account to pay down your line of credit. This automatically reduces interest expenses.

    • Perfect for large volume, high deposit customers
    • Consolidates deposits automatically into short term savings, and back again
    • Maximizes your interest opportunity, and funds payments as necessary